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Short-Term Medical

Short-Term Medical or Short-Term Health Insurance is just as it implies, a temporary health insurance coverage that may be selected to last for one (1) month up to six (6) months or in some cases for a full twelve (12) months of coverage. 

Short-Term is good because it is somewhat immediate and it usually asks only a few medical questions such as "Are you pregnant?" or " Have you been rated, ridered or declined coverage with another carrier?"  It also may ask a short list of specific and usually more serious medical conditions, which, if none are present, makes for an easy issue of the policy. 

The downside of Short-Term Medical Plans is that THEY DO NOT COVER ANY PRE-EXISTING HEALTH CONDITIONS.  So any treatment or care or medication for any health condition is simply not covered at all on the policy.  Further, any condistion that develops while you are on this Short-Term Health Plan, may not then be covered after it expires, nor would it be covered on a subsequent Short-Term Policy.  In other words, if you get on a Short -Term policy for 6 months, and then decide that you want another 6-months of coverage, it is NOT A RENEWAL, but rather a new application with all new questions.  And any health problem that developed while on the previous policy (or any condition prior to that policy) will not be a covered benefit on this subsequent policy.  In fact, in some cases, a subsequent application to get on another Short-Term Policy, may be Declined and no additional coverage issued.  This is rare, but it does happen.  In such a case we might look at another insurance carrier, or look ate HIPAA or State Risk Pool Plans, or think through your other options based on employment and coverage through a spouse, etc.  But barring all these potential pitfalls, there is a lot of flexibility with Short-Term and we use it oftn to fit the bill perfectly for many clients.

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