Company Profile: The Office of Jeff Schaffer

Known as "The Advisor's, Advisor"   or "The Insurance Agent's, Agent"

More Adviosrs refer to The Office of Jeff Schaffer than any other such office.  Here's Why:

We really strive to make each client happy.  That's the bottom line.  If we are achieving that, then we are doing something right.  So what is it that we're doing?  We are communicating sincerity, and empathy, and offering the best options available. Then we do the hand-holding necessary to help each client get what they want.   

If you are an Advisor, referring your client, what more could you ask for?  What if your Health Insurance referral, asks if we do Investments?  Then know this: we answer in the affirmative and then refer them right back to YOU!  We also call you to make sure that you reconnect.  In this way, your client remains YOUR client.  We keep them safe.

Knowledge and Experience:
Insurance and planning areas, in which we work, have become some of the most grueling and complicated, limiting and infuriating, for most clients and Advisors.  It is more difficult now than it has ever been, to deal with the Legislative challenges of Individual Health Insurance, Qualified Non-Insurance alternatives, Medicare, COBRA options and Prescription Drug Plans.  These are necessary evils for clients.  But the Federal Health Care, government-phone-clerks, more often give wrong answers or different answers depending on who picks up the phone.  So we are a solid resource of good and right advice.  It's what every client wants and needs (clear straight cut-to-the-chase answers), and what every Advisor desires for their referred client.  Try us.  Test us.  Send over a referral or two, and we'll prove this out to you.  Thank you in advance for your continued trust.