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For over 2-decades,The Office of Jeff Schaffer has been specializing in 
- Individual & Family Health Insurance,
- Medicare Planning, and
- Pro-Advisor Trusts, for clients with large IRAs worthy of passing down to children and grandchildren.

Nearly 100% of our business is referred to us by about 500 of our peers:
- Financial Advisors, 
- Investment Specialists, 
- CPAs,
- Attorneys, and
- Large Group Health Agencies.

Advisors recognize us as a "safe" place to refer their best clients, because: 

- We are accurate and efficient in our work and recommendations, and 

- We protect their referrals as uniquely theirs.  We help each client with the plan that the Advisor has asked us to discuss.  If the client asks for more help than that, we refer them back to the original Advisor, and we'll call that Advisor to give them their client's request and latest contact information.  That's what we mean by safe.

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The Office of Jeff Schaffer
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